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We are the Church in and out of the building we gather:

Tropical Sands Christian Church was founded July 6, 1958. Located on Burns Road in northeastern Palm Beach County, the church is known for its heart for outreach, mission and community service.

Come experience the love of Christ in this community of authentic, beautifully diverse and imperfect people. If this sounds pretty human, well- we are! We live individual and communal faith journeys of hope, love, grace, forgiveness and continued transformation because of what God has done in Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection.

We Share:

  • A love of God and a love of neighbor.

  • A compassionate community who serves, works together & supports one another and our neighbors. 

  • A biblical interpretation of sacred scripture that is scholarly and contextual, not literal or legalistic. 

  • The Hebrew scripture and the New Testament together are God's story and interpreted through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • A worship that involves the people. We are participants, not spectators, in worship.

  • A strong intergenerational focus- children & youth are important participants in worship. Our sanctuary has a PRAYground area for young children & families.

  • Mission driven purpose, outreach, and justice-based advocacy. We put feet on our faith!

  • Dynamic and practical sermons that seek to inform and enlighten while equipping us to live in the real world.

  • A willingness not only to appreciate, but to welcome and celebrate differences- and work together in love & respect.

  • Elder and governing leadership boards consist of women and men and various generations.

  • An ecumenical integrity that lets us serve the entire Christian community, and not just those of our denomination.

  • We follow the living Christ, not the details of any doctrine or creed.

  • A weekly celebration of Holy Communion that is open to all.

  • A love of others that appreciates our Interfaith neighbors.

  • An inclusive welcome to all- we celebrate every person as a beloved child of God- just like Jesus.

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                                               Our Welcome Mat is Out!

                                  Call to schedule a visit or to speak to Pastor                          

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