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Our Pastors

"I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding." Jeremiah 3:15

Rev. Christine Bandy-Helderman,           Senior/Lead Minister

Pastor Chris holds a Master of Divinity degree from ATS accredited Lexington Theological Seminary and is an ordained minister with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Chris has a passion for sharing the Gospel through preaching, spiritual formation & teaching, outreach & mission, and pastoral care. Chris has a way of meeting people where they are and is a natural encourager. Blending a background in science with theology, she brings a refreshing and honest way of experiencing the love of Christ in our global culture and community today. Chris is also involved in Ecumenical and Interfaith communities. She has served as the Spiritual Director for the Board of the Southeast Florida Walk to Emmaus.


It is no surprise that Chris is comfortable in various environments and embraces God's beauty of diversity- she has a heart for people, connections and relationships! She has worked and connected over the years with people and agencies from all walks of life: hospitals, physicians, fitness centers, public health clinics, Women Infant & Children (WIC) program, long-term care facilities, home health, juvenile detention centers, various substance use disorder treatment facilities, and non-profits. She communicates with people from all different backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures. It was not an unusual ‘day in the life’ for Chris to start her day with migrant farm workers and end the day meeting with business owners and community leaders.


Pastor Chris has a unique way of communicating challenging information and encouraging people to think for themselves- especially with matters of faith and the study of God. She also holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition & Metabolism from the University of Florida. She specializes in communications, wellness, addiction recovery and eating disorders. Chris has been well-established in the South Florida community, working often with the media and is a dynamic community speaker. And yes, she has a lot of joyful energy!

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